Many of you have been waiting a long time for our upcoming record Euphoria & Love sick Blues. We have received countless emails and messages from you in the past few months regarding the release of the record. For that, we thank you. Well………. Drum Roll….. We have some good news! The official album release date is April 1st.

Some digital platforms (iTunes/Amazon) might have the album available for download as early as March 18th. The album was produced by Christopher Thorn of Blind Melon and engineered and mixed by the tone guru Nick Blagona (Deep Purple, Tea Party). We have also added a bonus radio version of the track “Hanging in the Bowline” produced by Eric Ratz (Monstertruck, Big Wreck). All in all, it was a lengthy but rewarding process. It was very inspiring to work with everyone involved. We already have half of a new record written as a result of these trials and tribulations. We cannot wait for everyone to hear this record. Thank you all for your patience.